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Location NOW open:       6548 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego CA 92115

Pick Up Catering

Drop us a note on our contact page for an easy catering pick up order!!! Having a lovely family gathering? Or backyard shindig? Please toss us a contact filing AT LEAST A COUPLE DAYS in advance for a simple catering take out. 

Cater take out menu:

Sides - 
coleslaw                 half pan  16      full pan  28
Beans                     half pan  18      full pan  35 
Potato Salad          half pan  22      full pan  38 
Grilled Veggies       half pan  19      full pan  38 
Garlic Bread           half pan  12      full pan  20  
mac and cheese    half pan  26      full pan  45
Grilled Corn            half pan  19      full pan  38 
House Salad          half pan  16      full pan  28 

Caesar Salad           half pan  16      full pan  28 

Meats -
Pulled pork                        half pan   30      full pan    55
Chicken Thighs                 half pan   30      full pan    55
Chicken breast                  half pan   30      full pan    55
Baby Back Ribs          Sold by the rack (about 12 bones per rack)
Sliced or whole Tri-Tips           sold by the pound

Sliced Linguica Sausage         half pan   35      full pan    60