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Location NOW open:       6548 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego CA 92115


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I had Corbin’s Q for my 65th Birthday Party! What a great experience. Everyone raved about his food. Best Tri-tip they ever had. His personality and professionalism are superb. Planning another party so we can have him back again!
-Peg, Private Client

The BEST! Corbin’s Q catered my husband’s 60th birthday party for nearly
100 people. Our guests were very happy! Great presentation, plenty of
food, servers were friendly and I must tell you it truly was the BEST
Barbeque we’ve ever had. Thank you Corbin and crew for making our event
truly special!
-Sharon, Private Client

“In November of 2013, Corbin’s Q catered a great alumni event for us: we purchased food for 125 peole and everyone ate well. Even our communitiy’s local BBQ restaurant manager loved Corbin’s cooking!”
-Private School event in San Luis Obispo

“We enjoyed Corbin’s BBQ – Good Quality beef and chicken, cooked perfectly, and fantastic service. The price was affordable and the delivery was on time. We will definitely use Corbin again.””
-Vince, Private Client

“In regards to Corbin’s Q! One thing comes to mind and that is CONSISTENCY! From the first time I tried it which has been quite a few months ago, I have made every effort on my Sundays to go the distance and drive down to the La Jolla farmers market to have what I call the best ribs, tri tip and pulled pork that I have ever tasted! Week after week the taste and flavors are amazing, the service is impeccable and his entire crew is always on point and always providing service with a smile and friendly atmosphere! The only thing that has changed is that his lines are getting longer because people will wait for good food!”
-Mike, Market Patron

“I have used Corbin’s Q for a few of our events for SDSU Athletics and they have always done such a great job. The food is fantastic and the service is just as great. Corbin is so great to work with and always provides the best product. Don’t miss out on the chance to have Corbin’s Q provide food for your next event or try them at the local farmers market! It’s definitely BBQ that you won’t forget!”
-Sydney, SDSU Events

“Corbin’s Q was a wonderful addition to our 25th anniversary party! They gave us a fair price, came early, cooked some magnificent tri tip for 110 people and made EVERYONE very happy. Guests showered them with compliments about the meat, coleslaw and beans. Thanks Corbin for helping our party to be a fantastic memory in every way.”
-Ben and Molly, Private Client

“Corbin’s BBQ is out of this world! Had an engagement party at my house for my daughter and can’t tell you what a professional business Corbin is running. He not only made the most amazing dinner but his helpers were extremely helpful. Would recommend him above and beyond! Thank you Corbin Q. Your the man!”
-Steve, Private Event

“Corbin’s BBQ was perfect from beginning to end! Corbin paid attention to all the details during the planning to making sure people had to-go boxes. It was very re-assuring to know somebody cared about my husband’s 40th birthday event as much as me, and the food -delicious!! In fact so good that two vegetarians ended up eating the meat!! Now that’s amazing. The ribs were so meaty and tasty. And I am a coleslaw critic and his was perfect. Thanks to Corbin the party was a huge success.”
-Jacqueline, Private Event

“Corbin’ BBQ is the best in San Diego. We used Corbin’s Q for our daughters graduation party and it was great. Our guests raved about the food and many are planning on using Corbin’s Q for future events. We had 80 people at the party and there was plenty of food and service was the best. Thank you Corbin and team for a wonderful event.”
-Bill, Private Client

“I had my country wedding this past weekend. The Corbin’s Q Crew showed up on time and ready to work. They stayed busy at putting together the best spread ever. They were cordial and polite in their interactions with my friends and family. They asked for the best time to start serving to keep everything moving on time. Once served, the crowd gathered around and dug in and the compliments starting coming. All those at my reception couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the food was. My dad who is a chef and hard to please loved the food and couldn’t stop talking about the beans and pulled pork. The food was hot and cooked perfectly. So thank you for making my reception a huge success!!!”
-Monica, Private Client